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A significant commitment is required to recognize and honor the arts and design achievements of all generations. Sustainable strategies that recognize the interdependence of people and their built environment require careful consideration of the needs of both. At Drisko Studio, our in-depth evaluations of existing properties consider the materials, structure and systems that create the architectural character of a building.

At Scripps College, a National Register campus typically known for traditional Mediterranean architecture of tile roofs, landscaped courts, plaster walls and decorative arches, Drisko Studio created an addition to a modernist work by John Carl Warnecke. Following Warnecke's explorations in exposed structural beams, overlooking balconies, and play of light and shadow, the new wing nestles quietly between the traditional and modern settings and reinforces the cultural connections between generations.


A new addition for faculty offices (left) is crafted to seemlessly integrate with the style, structure, and light-filled spaces of the original Humanities building (right) designed by John Carl Warnecke in the 1970s.